Forgotten Realms 3.5

Sammie Upton


Sammie is a young orphan that has been apprenticed to Blackrabbas Hhuulthund. He is a known expert on nature, birds, flowers, herbs along the Sword Coast. Young Sammie has shown promise in the field of alchemy and natural healing. After saving him from a grey ooze in the sewers Sam has returned to his master to face punishment for ‘borrowing’ a rod of wonder while searching for rare herbs.

Followers do not have levels. Here are his stats-

INT 12
WIS 13
DEX 13
CON 12
CHA 10

F +1, W +1, R +1

Skills: craft alchemy 3, Decipher script 4, heal 3, knowledge nature 5, knowledge local 2, knowledge arcana 2, use magic device 2



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