Forgotten Realms 3.5


Battle weary Waterdeep is recovering.Which was the perfect time for the hidden evil within to strike setting off a holy war.

The followers of Bane waited for years for this moment. They had infiltrated the city and towns. Pretending to be Nobles, councilmen, even harmless traders. When their mercenary troops comprised of orcs, goblins, human soldiers and clerics attacked the country side the Waterdeep military went into action. Within city walls though hidden traitors hatched the plot to assassinate and replace members of the churches. The plot was discovered by a very unlikely source- a daring half-ling thief who had put into action his daring plan to discover the hidden identity to the Lords of Waterdeep! Instead he found evil cult members plotting to take over the city. Through divine magic the clerics of Lathander.(he figured they did not have a major structure in the city so hopefully they had no Bane spies within). Armed with this the spies plot were ruined but the battle without had reached a fever pitch.

Desperate, a group of adventurers were sent into the Ardeep forest. Long abandoned by the moon elves thier was still hope. Deep in the forest was a gate to another realm created by the elves to bring peace to the ghost of the elf queen. They created a pocket real for the spirit to rest and maybe someday heal her madness. The adventures hoped to get help from the druid guardians watching over the gateway.

The answer was a group of bronze dragons that came from the strang other world of the mad elf queen. They destroyed the evil Bane army rallying the Waterdeep troops.

The war was over.

However, a heavy price was paid. As a final insult the evil clerics unleashed a terrible magical plague across the land. Poisoned water, depleted farm land and a terrible wasting disease has devastated the lands.

The game begins after the battle. You are part of a battalion that fought and gave everything. Many high lev clerics and paladins gave their lives up to win. The battlefield is littered with dead soldiers and mercenary adventures. Now its time to go home and heal.

Anyone who gets me a background before the game start will get a minor magic item. Creation rules are start at 2nd lev. Roll 4d6, toss the lowest number. Max hitpoints for both levs. If you plan to play a unusual class from a book please send me the info so I can read it.



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