Forgotten Realms 3.5

adventure hooks

Wizards of Thay

Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun of the Wizards guild has asked that you look into a group of That red robed wizards operating outside the city. To pacify the Lords of Waterdeep that they truly mean no harm they have been providing the city watch potions at cost as well as a discount on magic items. Khelben however distrusts them. Rumor has it that people have gone missing from local taverns were the wizards like to relax at. Coincidence?

Asked to investigate Black Well court your ranger friend discovered worshippers of Loviatar have been bringing victims here to beat to death to satisfy their deity. However something dark and sinster crawled out of the well and killed several cultists. Fearing anything powerful enough to kill several evil priests he decided to reprt back to the group for help.

High Morning Lord Ghentilara is shocked at the news of a traitor within the church. Deciding to keep quite she has asked that you get a candle of truth from a outside source discreetly.

While waiting for a word from her at the Red Gauntlet Inn you encounter a poor drunken member of a House of Waterdeep. House Talmost is a leading clothiers and furriers in the city. In the Year of the Unstrung Harp (1371 DR),
Lady Hyara Talmost died under mysterious circumstances, shortly
after she had embarrassed Lady Hlanta Melshimber by revealing
some of her youthful indiscretions. To everyone’s horror, Lady
Hyara arose as a ghost and continued to play the role of familiy
matriarch. Although the Lords have recognized Lady Hyara II as
head of the clan, she dares not assert her authority because the
ghost still holds sway over the family. Numerous attempts to
destroy Lady Hyara’s ghost, secretly funded by her two youngest
children, have failed. Each time, Lady Hyara has returned, blaming
her hated foe—Lady Hlanta Melshimber—for the treachery. Pallin Talmost: The father of Hyara II, Pallin II, and Delaeya
Talmost, Pallin is the former Lord-Consort of House Talmost
and a minor noble of Cormyr. Although he stood by his increasingly
dissatisfied wife in life (and drowned his sorrows in drink),
he was wholly unprepared for her to continue haunting him
after death. Now he seeks brave adventures to put her spirit to rest. He has spent the last of his money researching and thinks he has found a way. Sadly, no one will help because he can not pay. Now Pallin tells his sad tale to anyone willing to listen in local taverns while begging for drinks.



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