Forgotten Realms 3.5

Sammie Upton

Sammie is a young orphan that has been apprenticed to Blackrabbas Hhuulthund. He is a known expert on nature, birds, flowers, herbs along the Sword Coast. Young Sammie has shown promise in the field of alchemy and natural healing. After saving him from a grey ooze in the sewers Sam has returned to his master to face punishment for ‘borrowing’ a rod of wonder while searching for rare herbs.

Followers do not have levels. Here are his stats-

INT 12
WIS 13
DEX 13
CON 12
CHA 10

F +1, W +1, R +1

Skills: craft alchemy 3, Decipher script 4, heal 3, knowledge nature 5, knowledge local 2, knowledge arcana 2, use magic device 2

adventure hooks
Wizards of Thay

Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun of the Wizards guild has asked that you look into a group of That red robed wizards operating outside the city. To pacify the Lords of Waterdeep that they truly mean no harm they have been providing the city watch potions at cost as well as a discount on magic items. Khelben however distrusts them. Rumor has it that people have gone missing from local taverns were the wizards like to relax at. Coincidence?

Asked to investigate Black Well court your ranger friend discovered worshippers of Loviatar have been bringing victims here to beat to death to satisfy their deity. However something dark and sinster crawled out of the well and killed several cultists. Fearing anything powerful enough to kill several evil priests he decided to reprt back to the group for help.

High Morning Lord Ghentilara is shocked at the news of a traitor within the church. Deciding to keep quite she has asked that you get a candle of truth from a outside source discreetly.

While waiting for a word from her at the Red Gauntlet Inn you encounter a poor drunken member of a House of Waterdeep. House Talmost is a leading clothiers and furriers in the city. In the Year of the Unstrung Harp (1371 DR),
Lady Hyara Talmost died under mysterious circumstances, shortly
after she had embarrassed Lady Hlanta Melshimber by revealing
some of her youthful indiscretions. To everyone’s horror, Lady
Hyara arose as a ghost and continued to play the role of familiy
matriarch. Although the Lords have recognized Lady Hyara II as
head of the clan, she dares not assert her authority because the
ghost still holds sway over the family. Numerous attempts to
destroy Lady Hyara’s ghost, secretly funded by her two youngest
children, have failed. Each time, Lady Hyara has returned, blaming
her hated foe—Lady Hlanta Melshimber—for the treachery. Pallin Talmost: The father of Hyara II, Pallin II, and Delaeya
Talmost, Pallin is the former Lord-Consort of House Talmost
and a minor noble of Cormyr. Although he stood by his increasingly
dissatisfied wife in life (and drowned his sorrows in drink),
he was wholly unprepared for her to continue haunting him
after death. Now he seeks brave adventures to put her spirit to rest. He has spent the last of his money researching and thinks he has found a way. Sadly, no one will help because he can not pay. Now Pallin tells his sad tale to anyone willing to listen in local taverns while begging for drinks.

Into Waterdeep

After a hard won victory against the undead bandit king in the Forlorn hills you captured the assassin. Before leaving the keep however a portal was discovered in the ruined manor house nearby. It was semi functioning which meant to dangerous to use. So someone scribbled down the strange symbols on the gate to translate later.

After returning the trader to the army camp he revealed (under the effects of a candle of truth) that a trader was hidden deep within the Church of Lathander. The groups new orders were to investigate.

On the journey back they stopped to get the damage to the Ardeep forest repaired. The small group of Elves that watched over the woods were grateful and got to work. With that the group took the north road to Waterdeep.

Clergy Recruiting Soldiers
Priests of Lathander have come to Waterdeep to recruit adventurers and warriors for “lasting hire” of two seasons or more. The task — to guard workers as a planned temple and farming community, New Dawn, is built in the wild countryside northwest of Secomber. The chosen site is in what local shepherds and drovers call the Hindhorn Hills, a rolling area of scrub woodlands, small cliffs, and deep ravines shown on few maps — an area rich in deer, hares, and hawks but plagued by roaming packs of wolves and armed bands of gnolls and orcs.

This scheme is no doubt inspired by the success of Goldenfields, but Voice of the New Dawn Harammas Malark describes its advent as “visions streaming into our minds straight from the Divine Morninglord himself.” These visions revealed to priest after priest the locale and structure of the temple-farm as if it were a real place. “It took me, at least, some time,” the spokespriest admitted, "to realize that our task was to make it real. For some months, we all thought we were being shown a farm that already existed as we were seeing it and that our duty was to find it.

“That ended when we all had new and very similar dreams, in which we saw a warrior-priest preaching to a throng of enthusiastic faithful. His words ended with the promise — ‘Our Lord leads us all through smoke and fire, to bright victory!’

“As the last clouds of night rolled away like dark smoke, he waved a sword above his head, flashing back the light of dawn like red fire, and brought it thrusting down into the ground — and behold! It struck there as a shovel, a war-blade no longer, and turned the earth aside, and the tillage was begun.”

Malark and his fellow priests of the New Dawn promise pay of no less than two dragons per day to every skilled warrior or battle-mage who “agrees to submit themselves utterly to our direction.” Such remuneration will begin as soon as the first priest-led expedition sets forth from Waterdeep’s gates toward the chosen site and continue throughout every day that includes shifts of duty.

Waterdeep news

Ghost Sightings in Trades Ward

Waterdeep — Over the last tenday, Trades Ward has been the scene of many hauntings - a running woman pursued by sword-waving ogres in Irimar’s Walk; a floating head whose face peered in at windows by day and pursued folk up and down streets by night (an apparition that continues to be seen in and around Spindle Street and the Coffinmarch); a spectral fray of sword and axe-wielding elves and dwarves who race and clash from Slipstone Street east to (but never into) the Court of the White Bull (a battle that city sages never happened in that vicinity, so far as they know); and ghostly riders — armored figures on armored warhorses that gallop facelessly and silently abreast down many streets in the ward, cloaks billowing out darkness in their wake).

Ward residents, city sages, and Watch speakers are all frankly puzzled as to what is causing these apparitions, both singly and in such a flood. There have been speculations that some sorcerer or wizard is experimenting with illusions or casting such spells for some sinister purpose (to spread fear and drive down local property values or harm local businesses, perhaps), but those putting forward these theories admit readily that their words are no more than unsupported speculations.

Other Waterdhavians are less unsure. Sheireera of the Prophecies claims, “These hauntings are the cries of the dead against the increasingly wanton and lawless lives we lead and our rulers steer us to here in Waterdeep!” The priest Thalomaun of Lathander, in a speech in Virgin’s Square, insisted the apparitions are “a sign from the dead to the living — ’tis time for change, and new ways, and new ventures, among those neighborhoods! The old businesses should be shed to make room for new, as-yet-unthought-of, enterprises! The way has been clearly shown to us; we have only to heed!” Sambral the Soothsayer warned, “The dead rise, restless, warning of battles to come. They bid us be armed and vigilant, and they come from below — so the attack they herald will come against us from below!”

More conflicting but loudly-stated local opinions are almost certain to be forthcoming.


Battle weary Waterdeep is recovering.Which was the perfect time for the hidden evil within to strike setting off a holy war.

The followers of Bane waited for years for this moment. They had infiltrated the city and towns. Pretending to be Nobles, councilmen, even harmless traders. When their mercenary troops comprised of orcs, goblins, human soldiers and clerics attacked the country side the Waterdeep military went into action. Within city walls though hidden traitors hatched the plot to assassinate and replace members of the churches. The plot was discovered by a very unlikely source- a daring half-ling thief who had put into action his daring plan to discover the hidden identity to the Lords of Waterdeep! Instead he found evil cult members plotting to take over the city. Through divine magic the clerics of Lathander.(he figured they did not have a major structure in the city so hopefully they had no Bane spies within). Armed with this the spies plot were ruined but the battle without had reached a fever pitch.

Desperate, a group of adventurers were sent into the Ardeep forest. Long abandoned by the moon elves thier was still hope. Deep in the forest was a gate to another realm created by the elves to bring peace to the ghost of the elf queen. They created a pocket real for the spirit to rest and maybe someday heal her madness. The adventures hoped to get help from the druid guardians watching over the gateway.

The answer was a group of bronze dragons that came from the strang other world of the mad elf queen. They destroyed the evil Bane army rallying the Waterdeep troops.

The war was over.

However, a heavy price was paid. As a final insult the evil clerics unleashed a terrible magical plague across the land. Poisoned water, depleted farm land and a terrible wasting disease has devastated the lands.

The game begins after the battle. You are part of a battalion that fought and gave everything. Many high lev clerics and paladins gave their lives up to win. The battlefield is littered with dead soldiers and mercenary adventures. Now its time to go home and heal.

Anyone who gets me a background before the game start will get a minor magic item. Creation rules are start at 2nd lev. Roll 4d6, toss the lowest number. Max hitpoints for both levs. If you plan to play a unusual class from a book please send me the info so I can read it.

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